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Hip-hop artist Tam Tam answers our “19 to 20” Questionnaire: THIS INTERVIEW is Special 

TAM TAM Exclusive Interview with THIS!


Last year was full challenges and triumphs for acclaimed hip-hop artist Tam Tam, and we’re excited for what she has in store here in 2020. A passionate MC with incredible storytelling abilities, she took time out her busy schedule to answer THIS questionnaire about her previous 12 months and what to expect from her in the months ahead. 

THIS: How would you summarize 2019? 

Tam Tam: 2019 [was] very challenging. There [was] many external factors like death, illness, relationship ups and downs, etc. That has impacted my mental health.  This resulted in me taking care of my mental health which I believe many people are ashamed of getting help.  This is a stigma that plagues many people, especially in urban communities.  Because of this, I promise you I am much stronger and wiser, and I have a lot to speak on through my music.  Furthermore, I am about to start writing my book that so many people have encouraged me to write.  I did not feel like I was ready for a book.  Now I am and it will be a great read for sure.  Moreover, 2019 [was] a year of growth for me in many areas of my life. 

THIS: What was your favorite song of ‘19? 

Tam Tam: My favorite song for 2019 is called “Bad Company” by Struggle Jennings and his daughter Brianna Harness.  I got the opportunity this year to meet with Struggle and Brianna and it was a pleasure.  Struggle and I have plans to collaborate as well. 

THIS: What was your favorite movie? 

Tam Tam: ‘Proud Mary’ [starring] Taraji P. Henson.  I am a huge Taraji fan.


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Hip-hop artist Tam Tam answers our “19 to 20” Questionnaire: THIS INTERVIEW is Special

Da Brat Rocks The Mic While Girls Fight & Pull Weave Out 

Now this was one of the craziest V.I.P moments with my team and DJ Toney Tone & DJ Fresh.  Let's watch my first experience meeting one of my favorite female artists of all time.  I gotta say, Da Brat did her thug thizzle.  Big Ups to Da Brat, Legendary.  Stay tuned, I got some amazing moments to share.  Video Credit:  Filmed by Mr. E Films, BiCatalyst.




Jamsphere Magazine Tam Tam: “If You Luv” feat B.I.Z stands tall on both street and commercial level 

Check out jamsphere latest review of If You Luv feat. Biz produced by Dennis Blaze 
Tam Tam A.K.A Hot Tamala is no newcomer to the hiphop world. Emerging straight out of Alabama, a state seemingly unheard of by the music industry, where pure talent has always been overlooked. In many ways Tam Tam has risen above this industry superficiality in many ways.


Tam Tam has always had a passion for writing short stories and poetry and was academically inclined. She took an interest in music after viewing a video on Kriss Kross. She fell in love with the rap duo and wanted to meet them just like every other young girl in America. Her inspiration came from artists like TLC, DA Brat, SALT-N-PEPPA, MC Lyte and Queen Latifah.

Tam Tam A.K.A Hot Tamala

Tam Tam A.K.A Hot Tamala

Tam Tam has worked with artist from Dirty Boyz, Gucci Mane, Black Magic Young Sneed, B.I.Z, 6 Tre G, Sir Charles and Keith Murray to name a few. She has been nominated for many awards, as well as opened and performed with countless mainstream artists. Her most recent single release “If You Luv” feat B.I.Z and produced by Dennis Blaze, is gaining momentum on both digital and FM monitored radio stations. The single is available globally on the digital market via Thowed Off Entertainment.

“If You Luv” feat B.I.Z is all-round superb, combining Tam Tam’s chilled sensitive style with her aggressive and authoritative style. Her collaboration with the Dennis Blaze has given her the ability to stand tall on both street and commercial level. Few artists can claim to have harnessed both markets, while Tam Tam is consistently working her way towards that goal............

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